Thursday, 13 December 2018


When you have finally decided for wood species and colour, one often overlooked factor is the gloss of your finish. Can it be high glossy or semi-gloss? Satin, perhaps? Or perhaps it is going to be matte, which is a current tendency. While gloss is the shiniest option, matte reflects the smallest quantity of light. Matte will help hide the imperfections and maintain your flooring looking better longer than their glistening counterparts.

Visual Appeal

The latest flooring trends have been leaning towards rustic and natural appeal. Meaning that more homeowners are choosing distressed wood options, along with broader plants and yes, matte finishes. Matte will help add to that rustic feel while also incorporating a contemporary splash since it can look cleaner. Floors that are not as shiny also seem more natural and real, since wood is not a naturally polished material.


Durability is usually one of the main factors when choosing a wood floor and rightfully so. The type of wood you select makes the biggest impact on how durable your flooring would be. But by choosing a finish with less gloss such as a satin or matte finish, it is possible to conceal damage and imperfections which will inevitably occur over time. While this doesn't necessarily mean your flooring is stronger, it can certainly keep its look and feel a lot longer than glossier finished floors by giving it a camouflage. This makes vertical ideal for children or creatures.


For many, matte finishes are a little too dull for these, but they nevertheless do not want the shine of a gloss or semi-gloss finish. Satin may be the right option. It's a little glossier than matte, so it keeps some of their imperfection-hiding power. They simply make less of a"natural" or"rustic" statement than simply matte. If you are looking for a solid in-between option, then lace may be worthy of consideration.

Selecting the right flooring can be hard. You want to be sure that you maximize the visual appeal and fashion that you need while also considering the future worth of your property. Matte is a popular trend right now new homeowners are actively seeking out.

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