Monday, 2 August 2021


There are many factors to consider when choosing wood flooring for your house. You need to consider your style, personal preferences, and budget when choosing wood flooring for your home. Charlton Floor Sanding Company Charlton Area lists some of the most popular looks and feel.

Light-filled, Open Styled Rooms

There are over 50 types of wood that homeowners can choose from. It is important to find one that suits your personal style. Light woods are the best choice if your style room is light and airy. These wood species include maple and ash.

A Room with a Cozy and Warm Feel

A cozy, warm feeling is another popular one homeowners want in their home. This feeling is most common in medium-sized wood species. Oak and Hickory are two species that can bring this feeling to your home.

A Refined & Stately Room

The third style homeowners prefer for their homes is elegant and stately. This look is often achieved with dark woods like mahogany or walnut.

Hardwood Flooring's Durability

Charlton Floor Sanding Company is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association. It is an important part of. Once you have decided on a style of flooring, consider how it will be used over the next few years. Are you a single person or a couple who lives alone? Do you have young children or pets? The Janka scale is used to rate wood species for their hardness and durability.

Once you've decided on the type of wood floor you want and the durability, you can begin the wood flooring process. These helpful tips will make it easy to choose the right look for your home. Call us today for a free estimate in your home 020 3151 1820.

Tuesday, 28 July 2020


Comparing Bamboo and Hardwood for New Floor Installation

Whether you are upgrading a Charlton Area luxury condo to rent out, or you're remodeling your home to make it more inviting and luxury, you confront a difficult choice: should you choose bamboo flooring or hardwood floors?

Comparing bamboo and"typical" hardwood flooring materials is tough since the contrast is not apples-to-apples. Bamboo, technically, is not even wood. It's actually a kind of quick growing, quite hard grass. Bamboo can be incredibly diverse. Some sorts of bamboo are all very, very tender (such as pine). Other species are incredibly hard -- harder even than North American Maple and Red Oak. All told, there are more than 1,000 species of bamboo. Each varies in terms of durability, hardness, tone and coloration.

Wood has dominated Western markets for decades (if not centuries). But bamboo was a very common selection for a thousand years in East Asia. Nowadays, more and more Western companies, homeowners and contractors are investing in bamboo for a variety of reasons:

  • Depending on how you harvest, bamboo could be much more"environmentally friendly" than traditional hardwood materials;
  • It's easier to re-grow bamboo;
  • The substance is more elastic, beautiful and durable;
  • Market changes have pushed down the price of bamboo in some regions;
  • Many brand new"cutting edge" designs call for bamboo -- the East Asian aesthetic has definitely taken hold here in Northern California.
Deciding on the Best Hardwood Flooring Option

Is traditional hardwood or pre-finished bamboo the ideal solution for youpersonally? To create a the very best flooring choice possible, visit the team here at Charlton Floors to get a free, comprehensive consultation regarding your flooring needs. Give us a call now at 020 3151 1820 Or fill out our contact form here on our site.


Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Top Reasons to Use Dustless Hardwood Refinishing

Refinishing flooring are a excellent way to bring old floors back to life. For a portion of the price, you may remove aged imperfects to revive your flooring to their original quality. Better still, you can use a premier dustless hardwood refinishing agency which will find the work done professionally and quickly. If you're thinking about replacing your hardwood flooring, be sure to learn the best way to redesign, your hardwood refinishing choices as well as the advantages of employing a dustless support.

Why Refinish More Than Purchasing New?
Among the best benefits of hardwood flooring is its longevity. Carpet normally lasts 10 to 15 years at maximum, depending how much foot traffic there is. With hardwood flooring, your investment will last for decades. But, that doesn't mean it might reveal its age after time. Luckily for you, as opposed to obsolete carpet, you can restore hardwood to its original beauty throughout hardwood refinishing as opposed to replacing them. Engineered hardwood is the process of trimming the top of the wood, then placing a new blot on it. This eliminates scratches, scratches, and other imperfections--all at a fraction of the cost.

Refinish Options
If you refinish your floors, you don't have to maintain them exactly the same stain as they once were. If you loved it, your local hardwood floors expert will match it. However, if you want to mix things up? You may select from a vast array of stains to select one which accommodates your own style. Whether you want to switch from light to dark, or shiny to matte, refinishing existing choices is the ideal way to make your hardwood back to life at a cost that won't break the bank. One of your go-to ways to find a new colour or complete for your new job is to explore your nearest hardwood flooring gallery.

Using a Dustless Refinishing Company
Some homeowners consider refinishing projects as long and messy. In the past, there was so much
dust entailed using a refinish project. Today? It is possible to make the most of dust-free hardwood flooring refinishing. When using a dustless service, airborne wood dust is instantly taken out of the area using a dust containment system. This keeps from debris from flying all around the house, which can be problematic and unhealthy to those that reside in the home. During the sanding process, dustless refinishing always cleans up after itselfwhile saving time, also. The dustless refinishing process contains dust that would otherwise have to be cleaned letting you enjoy your spaces much faster.

Are you wanting to get started on your hardwood refinishing job? Floor Sanding Charlton
delivers dustless remodeling solutions that allow you to transform your house at a fantastic cost. Have ruined trim or other wood? Or appearing or custom woodworking? We can accommodate those requests too! Floor Sanding Charlton has a broad selection of wood solutions to create your house vibrant again. Get started today and call us 020 3151 1820 for your free quote.

Thursday, 13 December 2018


When you have finally decided for wood species and colour, one often overlooked factor is the gloss of your finish. Can it be high glossy or semi-gloss? Satin, perhaps? Or perhaps it is going to be matte, which is a current tendency. While gloss is the shiniest option, matte reflects the smallest quantity of light. Matte will help hide the imperfections and maintain your flooring looking better longer than their glistening counterparts.

Visual Appeal

The latest flooring trends have been leaning towards rustic and natural appeal. Meaning that more homeowners are choosing distressed wood options, along with broader plants and yes, matte finishes. Matte will help add to that rustic feel while also incorporating a contemporary splash since it can look cleaner. Floors that are not as shiny also seem more natural and real, since wood is not a naturally polished material.


Durability is usually one of the main factors when choosing a wood floor and rightfully so. The type of wood you select makes the biggest impact on how durable your flooring would be. But by choosing a finish with less gloss such as a satin or matte finish, it is possible to conceal damage and imperfections which will inevitably occur over time. While this doesn't necessarily mean your flooring is stronger, it can certainly keep its look and feel a lot longer than glossier finished floors by giving it a camouflage. This makes vertical ideal for children or creatures.


For many, matte finishes are a little too dull for these, but they nevertheless do not want the shine of a gloss or semi-gloss finish. Satin may be the right option. It's a little glossier than matte, so it keeps some of their imperfection-hiding power. They simply make less of a"natural" or"rustic" statement than simply matte. If you are looking for a solid in-between option, then lace may be worthy of consideration.

Selecting the right flooring can be hard. You want to be sure that you maximize the visual appeal and fashion that you need while also considering the future worth of your property. Matte is a popular trend right now new homeowners are actively seeking out.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018


A selling point in some old houses can be the traditional floorboards that are hidden underneath a pile of dust along with a nasty old carpet. These floorboards have likely been neglected and forgotten about over the last few years and will need a serious amount of attention to bring them back to life.

There are a number of steps which you need to take to ensure your new wood flooring is protected from any harm as well as looking visually magnificent. You want your traditional hard wood floorboards to look amazing once you walk into a space.

Before you do any work in your floorboards your self, you should talk with a specialist who knows everything there is to know about hard wood flooring. Hiring somebody to take care of your floorboards will ensure that you get a top excellent finish.

First, the floorboards will need to be sanded. This is usually done by system and it might take a very long time to make it through the layers of almost any varnish and paint that may exist . Stripping back the hardwood floorboards to their original state will provide you a blank canvas for you to work on. Once sanded the floorboards could be well prepared and varnished.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018


Everybody wants a home which not only looks good now but will also continue to appear good later on once it's been lived in for a couple of decades. Most of us don't mind investing cash into our house provided that we get a good excellent finish about the things that we choose to possess. This includes furniture pieces, bathrooms, kitchens and definitely, hardwood floors.

Hardwood flooring hasn't been more popular and it's really easy to see why so many men and women these days are choosing to have it. Not only is hardwood floors really durable and sourced from renewable outlets, in addition, it looks and feel fantastic. You won't ever be able to accomplish the high excellent finish you get together with hardwood flooring with laminate flooring.

All hardwood floors is created from utilizing the best bits of solid wood which were made to last for several decades. With such a broad selection of wood to select from, you're spoilt for choice and you'll never repent having hardwood floors installed in the several rooms in your house.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

How to keep a smooth surface ?

Let's talk about your wood flooring a little bit. We love our occupation and to take care of your floors condition , but we also want to share with you how to keep your floors long lasting and protected before any hard procedure. There different types of harm which depend on if you have a pet,how big is your family , how long you live in your home and many more like these so here are couple of options which are not good to do with wooden floor at home- 

Do not use abrasives or harsh chemicals to clean your floor, do not use steam mops on your hardwood floor, do not pour cleaning product directly on floor, if you have being hidden it under carpet for an years you are going to need sanding in any case and we also want you try not yo wear high heel shoes on wood floors and if you could do not allow pet stains remain untreated it will be great !

These options are going to help your floors in the time and they will need sanding let's say not on five but on seven years for example, because it won't be that harmed! As a company which care for your home comfort we wish you sparkling floor and important big steps on them !